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Symptoms Prior to Synvisc-One®​ Injection

Before using Synvisc-One®, I could not bear weight without experiencing pain in my left knee. ​ I had pain in the right knee/hip because I was compensating for the left knee. I also had pain at nighttime, so I had disrupted sleep all night and woke up not rested. ​ Something as simple as turning in bed caused excruciating pain. ​ I had morning stiffness and pain in the left knee.

Limitations with Osteoarthritis of the Knee

I could not walk without pain just to do my daily living activities. My right leg/hip was also sore because it was compensating for the sore left knee. ​ Getting in and out of the car to do errands was not an activity that I looked forward to. ​ Going up and down stair/steps was slow and painful, doing one step at a time. ​ Lifting my leg into the vehicle was done with the help of my hand. Getting up from my chair from my desk to do a task was painful. ​ I did not participate in any outside activities especially if the footing was uneven, for example hiking, etc. ​ I did not participate in wintertime activities at all, as I was always on alert to prevent a different injury to myself because of my painful knee and trying to avoid falling. If anyone asked me to do something that involved walking, I would have to consider where we would park, how far the venue was from where we would park, and if I would be able to walk that far without the pain being so unbearable. ​ I also stopped attending church as I was unable to kneel at mass, and felt uncomfortable not being able to participate. ​ I was very unsteady at sports events that did not have handrails on the stairs/bleachers and avoided these situations. I would drive to the mailbox instead of walking. ​ I was not able to climb in and out of the bathtub.

Relief* from Injection

I went from immobile to walking one hour per day, every day. ​ ​ I lost 55 pounds with this lifestyle change and thanks to that, my previous diabetic control improved dramatically. Thanks to my changes of lifestyle, my hemoglobin A1C improved as my weight was reduced and I became more active. My overall well-being improved with walking. ​ I could go up and down stairs without taking one step at a time. I could get in and out of a vehicle without lifting my leg into the vehicle. I had no nighttime pain so my sleep pattern changed dramatically with no nighttime wakening with pain. ​ I was well rested during the day because of this. ​ I started attending church again, going to sports events and when asked to do an activity, I did not have to think of the consequences of having to park and walk to the activity. ​ ​

I would recommend that a repeat injection be done as soon as the person feels any of their old symptoms returning, such as nighttime wakening with pain or joint pain. ​ ​ ​

Synvisc-One®​ (hylan G-F 20) is a gel-like fluid, containing a derivative of hyaluronic acid, that is used as a temporary replacement and supplement for joint fluid. Synvisc-One®​ is the only formulation that mimics the elasticity and thickness of joint fluid​ (called synovial fluid). Synvisc-One®​ can provide relief for knee pain and decrease discomfort, allowing more extensive movement of the knee. SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One®​ is the most widely-used across Canada and is the only one that can be used for all stages of joint and knee pathology.

To learn more about SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One®, click here.

This product may not be right for you. Consult your health professional.

* Actual case study. Results may vary for each individual.

Synvisc-One®​ is only intended for intra-articular use by a physician to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

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