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Dave Stasiw lives an active outdoor lifestyle in Edmonton, Alberta. A former junior competitive hockey player, Dave also spent many years playing golf and tennis.

“I was always very active, and although I played competitive hockey, I never broke a bone, never got hurt – I would go forward all the time –slowing down was not an option for me.”

Dave also enjoys fishing and hiking in rough terrain in the mountains. At the age of 55, he has lived many years with knee pain due to the continuous strain put on his knees. He has had three knee surgeries to repair a torn meniscus and to repair some bone fragments. About seven years ago, Dave was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. He stopped playing tennis and golf, as the twisting motion put too much pressure on his knee joints. His symptoms included a lot of inflammation, discomfort and pressure in the knee. He also complained of a feeling of heat in the knee area as well.

“I was limited to what activities I could do; my knee was very irritated. When you have knee pain, it is very hard to get any exercise. Even fishing on the ocean believe it or not, is strenuous on your knees when trying to keep your balance.”

“I took the time to research options available and asked my family doctor about Synvisc-One®.”

Synvisc-One®​ (hylan G-F 20) is a gel-like fluid, containing a derivative of hyaluronic acid, that is used as a temporary replacement and supplement for joint fluid. Synvisc-One®​ is the only formulation that mimics the elasticity and thickness of joint fluid​ (called synovial fluid). Synvisc-One®​ can provide relief for knee pain and decrease discomfort, allowing more extensive movement of the knee. SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One®​ is the most widely-used across Canada and is the only one that can be used for all stages of joint and knee pathology.

About one year ago, following his surgeon’s recommendation, a local radiology clinic administered the ultrasound-guided Synvisc-One® injection; one in each knee. Following the Synvisc injection, Dave was able to ride on his stationary bike for a few minutes, every day progressing further. Within a few weeks he was able to increase his distance to 11 km and endurance to 60 minutes. “I am very satisfied with my results. I am entering into my retirement years, so it is important for me to do the things I love to do.”*

“There is definitely a difference for me with Synvisc. I was happy to be hiking and I was feeling good! My aspirations are to play golf again this year!”

To learn more about SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One®, click here.

This product may not be right for you. Consult your health professional.

* Actual case study. Results may vary for each individual.

Synvisc-One®​ is only intended for intra-articular use by a physician to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee.

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