Bruny Surin with Olympic gold medal


Bruny Surin requires no introduction. An elite athlete, Bruny became famous at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, winning a Gold medal in the 4 x 100 m relay. An eight-time 100 metre Canadian Champion, he has a personal record of 9.84 seconds and is ranked the 7th fastest sprinter.

Bruny went on to become an accomplished businessman. In 2009, he founded Sprint Management, where he is a businessman, speaker, trainer, business coach and team builder. He launched his sportswear line SURIN. He invests in his foundation, which is focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle in young people and a balance between sport and school.

Pain and injury have always been part of Bruny’s life. But in 2013, his knee pain was so intense that he had trouble walking. Bruny went to see a doctor. With X-rays showing the damage, the diagnosis was clear: osteoarthritis of the knee.

Fortunately, he found out there is a solution. An effective and non-surgical treatment via injection: Synvisc-One®. He could get relief for the joint pain in his knees. Initially concerned about having to cut back drastically on his physical and professional activities, Bruny now felt confident and reassured!

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